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Water Damage Oak Park MI

Water Damage Restoration Company Oak Park MI, Fire and Water Damage Repair & Cleanup

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They showed up within their 1-hour guarantee…

We called Maxwell on a Friday evening at about 11 pm, we had water flowing from the 2nd floor to the basement. They showed up within their 1-hour guarantee and were professional and efficient throughout the drying process and the construction work that followed.
Dennis K.

Your Oak Park Water Damage Restoration Company

We thank you for choosing Maxwell Building Services, your one-stop destination for providing unmatched damage reconstruction and restoration services. Our company has trained and trusted experts who are available 24/7 to handle your emergency needs, be it water or fire damages or any other home reconstruction project. We have been in business in Oak Park for many years and have industrial strength equipment that we use daily in damage restoration emergencies.


Why Hiring a Knowledgeable Water Damage Contractor is Important

One key reason why hiring a professional makes sense is the efficiency and effectiveness of these experts. Doing it yourself or hiring an amateur may result in even more damages to your property. Professionals have the required expertise, knowledge, experience, and equipment to handle the water damage restoration simply and quickly. If the water has been contaminated by chemicals or sewage, these experts can handle the situation hygienically, without endangering their or your health. Proper repair work also needs to be done to restore the value of your property. This fact increases the need for a knowledgeable water damage contractor.


Water Damage Cleanup & Removal

Sewage Cleanup Oak Park MI When a home experiences any kind of water damage, the situation is always devastating. Whether the water is from a sewer backup, malfunctioning appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters or refrigerators, broken, leaky or frozen pipes, toilet overflow, sink overflow, bathtub overflow, air conditioner leaks, or sump pump failure, it may cause significant amounts of damage to the structure as well as the belongings inside. If water removal is not handled quickly, the water may cause even more extensive damages that may prove difficult to handle down the road.

If your home been affected by any kind of water damage, repairing the foundation and integrity of the house should be your immediate concern. Failure to do so can lead to issues such as a flooded basement that may cause serious structural issues in the future.  A leaky roof allows rainwater to seep into the house, causing damages to your ceiling, attic, roof deck, walls and other belongings such as carpets, furniture, and artwork. At Maxwell Building Services, we can help you assess the extent of the damage, conduct water damage cleanup and structural drying, make the necessary water damage repairs and restore your home like it was.


Flooding & Basement Water Damage

Flood Damage Oak Park MI

A flooded basement can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. You wake up one morning and just like that, you have basement water damage. A basement flood may vary from a few centimeters to knee height or more. It depends on what has caused the flood. What are the most common causes of a flooded basement? When winter comes in Oak Park the number one emergency call for Maxwell Building Services is when frozen pipes burst, which is usually in the basement or crawlspace. Also, either rainwater or melting snow coming in through the walls will damage not just your basement, but potentially the structural integrity of your home.


Sewage Damage Cleanup & Removal

Raw sewage is difficult to mitigate and is extremely dangerous. It contains high amounts of harmful bacteria and can cause serious health risks. Coming in contact with fecal matter or raw sewage can cause disease, can destroy your valuables and cause major damage to your property.

Out of all the causes of water damage, sewer backups are the most concerning. By its very nature, it requires everything that it touches to be thrown out. Sewage damage can come from sewer drains in the floor, the toilet, sink, or even showers. Only trained professionals with the right equipment should handle sewage removal.  If you are in need of sewage cleanup, it is critical that you call us as soon as possible.

Everyone working for the company was knowledgeable and professional

This all started with a frozen pipe in my kitchen. AAA referred this company to me. I gave them 5 stars as they did an excellent job. Everyone working for the company was knowledgeable and professional. Joe G., the supervisor on the job made sure the work was done correctly and completed in a timely manner and to my satisfaction. I have no complaints and would not hesitate to refer Maxwell Building Services to anyone.

Linda M

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Oak Park

Fire Damage Restoration Oak Park MIFire damage is undeniably among the worst issues which can affect a Oak Park house. It is devastating, and destructive and leaves marks that’ll remind you of that fateful day. Nevertheless, as soon as the smoldering disaster is put out, managing fire repairs is something which you have to contend with.

Along with water, we’re additionally a fire restoration and smoke damage cleanup company. At Maxwell Building Services, we have licensed and insured fire damage restoration specialists in Oak Park who can help restore your property effectively and efficiently. We can handle all commercial, industrial, and residential fire damage restoration tasks. When dealing with a home fire, a garage flame, or any sort of fire damage, do not hesitate to call with us for complete smoke damage repair and fire clean up services.

We provide speedy free inspections to provide you with an estimation of what can be salvaged, repaired, the time it will take, as well as the expense of bringing you to a pre-fire condition. Our complete fire reclamation services include rebuild, deodorizing, and cleaning. We know you have options with fire damage restoration companies near you, therefore we thank you for selecting Maxwell Building Services for your fire remediation requirements.


Our Fire Damage Process

Following a fire in Oak Park, the very first thing that has been resolved is not the destruction brought on by the fire itself, but the destruction by the water used to extinguish the flame. When it is not dealt with efficiently and effectively, the water might start creating issues of its own. After the area has become dried out, the fire damage cleaning can start.

The very first action is evaluating the level of the destruction and also creating an extensive strategy to remove all traces of the flame. Our smoke damage cleaners are going to remove any compromised building supplies and use special smoke remediation scrubbing equipment and remedies to cope with smoke damage and thoroughly remove soot stains from furniture and walls. The next thing is smoke odor removal with a full deodorization procedure, sanitation, and air purification. Lastly, we finish with home reconstruction services to rebuild any areas that were unsalvageable.


What Maxwell Building Services Can Do For You

Our many years in the industry has given us the required experience and knowledge to deal with any kind of water or flood damage. Regardless of whether the damage has been caused by a storm, flood or pipe leaks, our experts are well-trained to handle any situation uniquely. We provide residential and commercial water damage victims with the help they need during an emergency water damage crisis. We are fully licensed, insured and our technicians are IICRC certified to hygienically restore the flooded space back to its pre-loss condition.

When we receive your emergency call, we strive to reach your home in a 60 minute response time. We scrutinize the materials affected by the water and evaluate the extent of the damage. Then, we employ our expertise and high-quality equipment to perform water cleanup, and structural drying.

We provide services throughout Oak Park MI, including 48237.

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