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Storm Damage

One of the worst disasters to deal with is storm damage. Severe storms can cause significant damage to your property including damage to walls, roofs, and water damage. Storm damage is a versatile expression covering the many weather conditions that can harm your property including hail and strong winds.

Has your home been affected by a storm? At Maxwell Building Services we can help you restore your property to a like-new condition. Don’t throw in the towel, get our storm damage restoration services now. Call us at 586-697-8066 to speak with a storm damage clean up expert today!


Wind Damage Clean Up

Strong winds may cause wind damage to your roof and make it susceptible to leaks and other damages. The first thing that a strong wind will do is break the adhesive seal which binds the shingles together, which may eventually lead to blown off shingles, allowing rainwater to get underneath. This is a common cause of roof leaks and water damage.

Wind Damage in Rochester and Rochester Hills MI can be violent. Let us inspect your home and make any wind damage repairs where necessary.


Emergency Board Up & Tarping

Powerful storms may also cause debris or trees to impact and damage your property. When this happens, temporary repairs may be necessary to protect your property from further damage from rain and wind until it is safe to make permanent repairs.

We provide emergency board up and tarping services 24/7. Emergency board up is the first defense against additional damage from wind and rain. Don’t delay – call us immediately if your property has been damaged.


Tree Removal and Damage Clean Up

Storms that bring strong winds along with freezing temperatures may have a huge effect on your trees. Sometimes the damage caused is minor, but other times the storm is so severe such that it makes the weak trees to fall on your home, thus causing tree damage to your house. We can help.

Give us a call to help you through the whole process and provide immediate relief. Our board up and tarping services will keep your belongings safe, and after the storm has passed we can make full repairs to your property, providing a quick, stress-free restoration.

Why You Should Contact a Professional Storm Damage Restoration Contractor

We provide emergency response for storm damage and can quickly take action to protect your property from further damage. We work with all insurance companies and can be at your door in 60 minutes or less. Call now to speak with one of our storm damage specialists.

Get the Repair Done Right

Damages caused by storms threaten the safety and structural integrity of your building. An expert service knows what to look for and has the necessary training to do the job correctly. This is vital to restoring the value, look, and safety of your property.

Manpower and Equipment

When it comes to restoring your home, a lot of manpower and specialized equipment will be needed. A professional company often employs a team of dedicated employees depending on the damage extent. They’ll work in unison to handle the problem effectively. A good contractor will also have state of the art equipment to do the job efficiently.

Knowledge and Expertise

Professional contractors employed by reputable wind damage companies have many years of experience in offering restoration services. They would have seen different types of damages over the years and their experience would have equipped them with knowledge on how to tackle any unique problem. Restoration work is most effective when it’s carried out immediately and a professional contractor will use his expertise to offer you high-quality services.

Help with Insurance Claim

Storm damage repairs are often covered by your insurance. However, the insurance providers require that you work with approved restoration companies to process your claims. A reputable contractor can save you the stress of going through the complex claim process and help expedite your claims.

Go On with Your Life

DIY restoration may result in crucial time away from business or work, which may complicate your financial situation even further. Hiring the services of a reputable restoration company allows you to continue with your daily work and gives you peace of mind that experts are working on your property.

Maxwell Building Services – Offering You Expert Storm Damage Restoration Services

Storm damages need to be detected early and handled effectively. With our many years of providing storm damage restoration services, we have gained the required industry experience to offer you high-quality services.

From small to large projects, Maxwell Building offers exceptional services to meet your needs. We value our customers are that’s why our experts are well-trained, experienced, fully licensed, bonded, insured, and available 24/7 to meet all your requirements. They are competent and available to answer all your restoration related questions.

Our company guarantees the following for all services:

  • Fast and reliable services
  • Quality work
  • Customer satisfaction and confidence
  • High-quality equipment
  • High level of professionalism and workmanship
  • Timeliness
  • FREE inspection!

No matter how serious the damage is, if handled with expertise, it can be restored efficiently, and when it comes to that, you can always count on us.

Has your area been affected by a storm and need repairs or tree removal? At Maxwell Building Services we are here to help you. We take pride in our services and that’s why we strive to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. Call us to schedule an appointment for any storm damage clean up and storm damage restoration services, or to get a free estimate.

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