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For All Your Kitchen Remodeling Needs, Contact Maxwell Building Services

Did you know that every year, somewhere around 10.2 American homeowners remodel their kitchens? It’s true. Kitchen remodeling represents the number one home improvement project, not only because of the increased functionality it gives you, but also because it’s the most cost-effective remodel you can make. If you live in Macomb and Oakland county and have begun thinking about kitchen remodeling, you should talk to the experts at Maxwell Building Services today.

We are a fully licensed, insured and experienced home building and remodeling company headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan. We proudly and reliably serve customers in both Macomb and Oakland county. We have the vision, knowledge and experience to bring your kitchen remodeling dreams to fruition and make your kitchen updates the pride of your family and the envy of your friends.

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For All Your Kitchen Remodeling Needs, Contact Maxwell Building Services

You will receive many benefits from your Maxwell Building Services kitchen remodel, including the following:

  • It will give you the functionality you desire in this most important and most frequently used room in your home.
  • It will give you increased storage space.
  • It will increase your comfort level, as well as those of your family and friends.
  • It will make your kitchen safer.
  • It will reduce your energy costs by replacing your old energy-hogging appliances with new energy-efficient ones.
  • It will give your kitchen a fresh, sleek and modern look.
  • It will give you better lighting.
  • It will increase your home’s value and therefore its selling price, a major consideration if you’re thinking of selling within the next year or so.
  • It will make your home sell faster since a new, modern kitchen represents the top thing home buyers look for.

Signs Your Kitchen Needs Remodeling

Most experts recommend that a kitchen be remodeled and updated every 10–15 years. Why? Because you and your family go into your kitchen at least two or three times a day. This translates into over 1,000 kitchen visits a year. Even the best flooring eventually wears down and could post safety issues. Other signs you need to remodel your kitchen include the following:

  • Your kitchen is outdated, containing small cabinets and cupboards, insufficient counter space, poor lighting, a poor workflow arrangement, etc.
  • It contains damaged or broken appliances, drawers, cabinets, floor tiles, backsplash tiles, etc.
  • It is basically worn down, with a dark and dingy look.
  • Its colors and surfaces look like they’ve been there since the ’80s at best.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

You can trust the experts at Maxwell Building Services to know the latest trends in kitchen remodeling and kitchen updates. For instance, are you aware of the following?

  • Today’s kitchens feature clean lines, built-in appliances and simple door styles.
  • White and gray painted cabinets dominate today’s kitchen color schemes.
  • Wood cabinets continue to dominate, but younger homeowners often prefer metal.
  • Quartz has replaced granite as the countertop material of choice.
  • Rollouts, pullouts, furniture-look pieces and under-cabinet LED lighting are some of the most popular features in today’s kitchens.
  • Barn and pocket doors are becoming ever more popular in kitchens.

Why Choose Maxwell Building Services

We know you have many kitchen remodeling companies from which to choose. However, with Maxwell Building Services you get professionals who understand that your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where your family gathers to eat, talk and rest and likely where your children do their homework. It’s also the place where you entertain your friends.

In addition, when you choose Maxwell Building Services to do your kitchen remodeling and kitchen updates, you can expect the following:

  • A company with comprehensive construction knowledge and experience
  • A company with dedicated employees
  • A company with good communication skills
  • A company with knowledge of the necessary permits and local building codes
  • A company that gives you affordable costs, but never compromises on the materials we use

For all of these reasons and more, call Maxwell Building Services at (586) 299-1895 for all your Macomb and Oakland county kitchen remodeling and kitchen updates needs.

FHA 203k Remodeling

An FHA 203k loan, (sometimes called a Rehab Loan or FHA Construction loan) allows you to finance not one, but two major items 1) the house itself, and; 2) needed/wanted repairs. Because the lender tracks and verifies repairs, it is willing to approve a loan on a home it wouldn’t otherwise consider. The loan addresses a common problem when buying a fixer home: lenders often don’t approve loans for homes in need of major repairs. A home must meet certain safety and livability standards. Some home buyers are handy enough to buy the house and fix it up themselves. But, if the home is too run down, you can’t get a loan in the first place. The 203k lets you buy and fix up a house in one transaction, allowing the lender to approve the loan despite its initial condition. Maxwell Building Services are 203k loan contractors that can help you with remodeling and installation after your loan is approved.

There are two types of 203k loans. Which one you choose depends on the extent of the repair work.

Limited 203k mortgage (formerly known as the 203k Streamline)

This option allows you to do most cosmetic repair work. Things like kitchens and bathrooms.

The stated limit to costs is $35,000. However, an FHA 203k loan requires a “buffer” equal to 15 percent of the total bids. This buffer is called a contingency. It’s a “just in case” fund to cover cost overruns by your FHA loan contractor. (If the contingency fund is not used, it is credited back to you). So, your “real” maximum repair job can cost around $31,000.

Most non-structural, non-luxury items are acceptable:

  • Kitchen and bathroom remodels
  • Appliance replacement
  • Carpet and flooring
  • Roof replacement
  • Painting
  • Repairing safety and health issues
  • Energy-efficient improvements
  • And much more

In short, you can’t do anything structural (move load-bearing walls, add rooms) or change the footprint of the home.

So why choose the Limited 203k option? Because more lenders offer it than the full 203k. And, it’s a much simpler process than the standard option.

203k standard

With this option, you can do just about anything you want to the home, except non-permanent changes or adding luxury amenities.

Structural alterations

  • Convert a one-family home into a 2-, 3-, or 4-unit home, or vice versa
  • Connect to public sewer or water
  • Some larger landscaping projects
  • Improve accessibility for disabled persons
  • Move the house to a different site

If you are interested in FHA 203k loan remodeling, call us today to speak to someone at our FHA 203k remodeling firm. An FHA 203k loan contractor will speak with you about your best options and answer any lingering questions you may have.

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