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Maxwell Building Services: The Best Choice for Interior Remodeling Projects

Interior remodeling is an excellent way to transform your living space. An important key to the success of your project is choosing the right expert home remodeling contractor to partner with. Most homeowners have ideas about how a room should look, and the right builder will execute that design to bring purpose, function and beauty to that space. A  successful remodeling project will result in the best return on your investment.

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The Experience You Deserve

Spaces that no longer work in your home can create frustration. Remodel project mistakes can also be overwhelming. This is why it is important to research and find a builder who has a reputation for quality workmanship and meeting customer’s specific needs. True construction professionals are there to guide you through these essential steps of the interior remodeling process:

  • Concept: The purpose of a space drives the overall design process. Popular designs such as open-concept areas must be able to blend the functions of combined rooms while making important distinctions about specific uses.
  • Design: Good designs mean spaces will be efficient in the long run. Designs should incorporate how rooms are currently being used, with the flexibility to change the spaces around for new uses without major renovations.
  • Budget: Remodel budgets should take into consideration additional costs that always crop up throughout a project. Some professionals suggest reserve funds of up to 20% for changes and unexpected costs. The most important part is to be realistic about what is affordable from the start. Let your contractor know what you want to achieve, so the details can be discussed ahead of time.
  • Time: Many interior refinishing jobs run over schedule. This is typically caused by add-on work or by unanticipated construction problems. Talk directly with your contractor about how they manage these issues and setbacks, and ask about their record for bringing projects in on time or near projected completion dates.

Take advantage of the creative and intuitive expertise of your builder. They can help you accomplish your vision by determining where to cut expenses and where to enhance designs for the best remodel experience to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Interior Remodeling Projects You Should Consider

Most interior remodeling projects choose themselves as spaces become increasingly less serviceable over the years. Sometimes, entire homes need updating, so the spaces work for growing families or changing needs. Remodel projects bring both property and aesthetic value to homes.

  • Kitchens: Kitchens are one of the most frequently remodeled rooms in any home and average a 90% ROI. Efficient design and quality products are top components for great kitchen renovations.
  • Living rooms: Living rooms may need updates like fresh paint and fixtures or complete renovations. Comfort, warmth and spaciousness are important characteristics of functional living room designs.
  • Basements: Basement remodels can transform underused space into entirely new living areas. Basement renovations can increase your home value, so it’s important to choose a design that has the amenities and quality you will enjoy, and buyers will appreciate.
  • Additions: Home additions are a great way to add square footage. The important part is to make it seamlessly blend with the existing interior and exterior of your home.

Other popular projects include home offices and recreational spaces, such as gyms and home theaters. If you are stumped about where to begin, get a professional builder to assess how best to meet your current needs and to help develop a plan for future projects.

A Professional Builder with the Know-How You Need

Maxwell Building Services is the premier renovation contractor in the greater Macomb and Oakland County area, with the design expertise and highly skilled professional builders you need for all of your interior remodeling projects. Please call today (586) 315-2663 for professional consultations and estimates.

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