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Whether you are seeking to establish the Oakland Township dream home of yours or remodel the current one, the decision may be intimidating. These are potentially large projects which involve a lot of money as well as time to ensure that things are designed based on specifications. Additionally, they need a great deal of understanding and expertise for building methods, to guarantee the security and longevity of the home.

The success of your project is dependent on the contractor of your choice. By getting Maxwell Building in Oakland Township MI, you are guaranteed results which you will treasure for numerous years to come. With sharp attention to detail, our home construction gurus guarantee quality workmanship based on your requirements and with little to no mistakes.

For virtually any new construction, reconstruction, and home renovations requirements, Maxwell Building Services is a respected home construction company that provides high-quality solutions to the residents of Oakland Township MI.

Maxwell Building Services – Offering High-Quality Home Construction Services

Whether you are planning to redesign your current Oakland Township home or construct a brand new house, Maxwell Building will be your premier home construction company. Our professionals are experienced, educated and also have the capacity to visualize possibilities with regards to kitchen remodels, basement finishings, bathroom remodels, and other home improvement projects. Additionally, our Oakland Township services are time efficient and set within your budget, saving you stress, cash and time.

Building a brand new home or renovating your present one may be both a daunting and exciting process. With the assistance of ours, the home construction process is going to be hassle-free and straightforward. From finished basements, bathroom remodeling, and kitchen remodeling, to additions as well as brand new home construction, allow Maxwell Building bring the vision of yours to reality.

For any of our services, you can expect:

• Comprehensive construction knowledge and experience
• Dedicated employees
• Good communication skills
• Knowledge of the necessary permits and local building codes
• Affordable costs without compromising on the materials
• Licensure and certification

Bathroom Remodeling

A renovated bathroom provides value to the home, revisions the style of it, and also causes it to be better adapted to your current requirements. Home renovations are the very best time to introduce bathroom upgrades that will serve you as well as your family for decades to come. This could include updated toilets, bath tubs, showers, piping, walls, storage space, ventilation, sinks, and almost anything you might picture in a bathroom. Our home remodeling organization is prepared to aid you with the best bathroom for you and your family.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodels keep on growing in popularity. For one reason, they frequently give an enormous boost to home resale value. Smaller remodels are able to have better return on investment since they are inclined to aim at solving purposeful issues. They’re usually fashioned with more versatile styles. Costlier projects tend to place a top priority to personal style and aesthetics.

Ultimately, your kitchen is much more than an asset. It is the place you provide for and nurture your family members. The kitchen is where you entertain guests and friends. It is the living and breathing hub of the home of yours, conversing, thinking, and resting happens. Talk to one of our home restoration contractors ntoday to learn what kind of kitchen remodel is right for you.

New Home Construction

Instead of purchasing a Oakland Township house, you might choose a brand new home construction. Unlike purchasing a home with a certain design, you might want one that’s constructed based on the style & design you need. A recently constructed home includes a set of benefits. For example, you can select the tile designs, color schemes, wall colors, the wood on the medicine cabinet, along with numerous other items. You will not be stuck with another person’s choices. For the home building designs, we at Maxwell Building are able to assist you. From drawing up designs to establishing the brand new home itself, the our experts are able to make the entire process simple & stress free!

Our reputation in Oakland Township speaks for itself. By working with us, you will be leaving absolutely no room for omissions, errors, and inaccuracies. We’re a dependable builder who listens to your requests to come up with a home that you’ve always wished for.

Interior Remodeling Services

Renovating the interiors can have a major effect on the appearance and value of the home. Whether you’re renovating the kitchen, bathroom, family room, or any other interior, Maxwell Building features an experienced Oakland Township crew that will help you get the task done efficiently and correctly. Should you decide to upgrade the appearance of the kitchen, we are able to assist with items like countertops, cabinetry, modifying the flooring, changing the paint color, inclusion of a kitchen island, racks along with numerous other activities. For the bathroom of yours, we are able to assist use a brand new sink, alter the cabinetry, put in bathroom mirrors, modifying the flooring and putting in new fixtures like bathtubs.

If you are thinking about sprucing up the family room, then the our trained professionals can help you complete the process at hand. No matter whether it is using a fresh layer of paint, setting up a brand new floor, using brand new light fixtures or even installing stone, we are able to get it done for you.

These interior remodeling additions are able to make your Oakland Township house look incredible and increase usefulness and efficiency as a whole. You will find plenty of interior remodeling strategies and suggestions. Get in contact with us to go over your selected concept and create it for you.

Other interior remodeling solutions you may be considering for your home are:

  • Constructing a home office
  • Setting up a gym
  • Changing the look and functionality of your basement
  • Building a custom built-in bookcase
  • Constructing a closet
  • An entertainment center or theatre etc.

Exterior Remodeling Services

How your Oakland Township home looks on the outside is really important since the exterior gives the very first impression. You will find numerous issues that may be utilized to enhance a home’s exterior like adding a porch, patio or deck, updating the siding, doors, and windows, and reroofing. Replacing classic windows and doors may truly improve a home’s exterior. You will find various types of windows which might consider for your home for instance casements, picture, sliders, double-hung, bays, escape, garden, and awnings. You might additionally be thinking about setting up colored and otherwise styled doors to complement your home’s exterior decor.

If you are searching for new siding, talk to us to help you to choose the proper siding material, color choices as well as style to match your exterior design. Allowing Maxwell Building to change your siding could significantly alter your home’s outward appearance. Furthermore, if you wish to include an outdoor living room with a sunroom, porch, deck or patio, our remodeling professionals are able to enable you to create these additions based on your specs. Hiring us for your exterior remodeling requires not just enhances the home’s visual appeal, it will additionally enable you and visitors to unwind perfectly outdoors.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in changing your roofing, our Oakland Township contractors can install the roof you want. You just need to talk with our outdoor remodeling experts for the available options, and we’ll install the right roofing that complements the overall look of your home.

FHA 203k Remodeling

An FHA 203k loan, (sometimes called a Rehab Loan or FHA Construction loan) allows you to finance not one, but two major items 1) the house itself, and; 2) needed/wanted repairs. Because the lender tracks and verifies repairs, it is willing to approve a loan on a home it wouldn’t otherwise consider. The loan addresses a common problem when buying a fixer home: lenders often don’t approve loans for homes in need of major repairs. A home must meet certain safety and livability standards. Some home buyers are handy enough to buy the house and fix it up themselves. But, if the home is too run down, you can’t get a loan in the first place. The 203k lets you buy and fix up a house in one transaction, allowing the lender to approve the loan despite its initial condition. Maxwell Building Services are 203k loan contractors that can help you with remodeling and installation after your loan is approved.

There are two types of 203k loans. Which one you choose depends on the extent of the repair work.

Limited 203k mortgage (formerly known as the 203k Streamline)

This option allows you to do most cosmetic repair work. Things like kitchens and bathrooms.

The stated limit to costs is $35,000. However, an FHA 203k loan requires a “buffer” equal to 15 percent of the total bids. This buffer is called a contingency. It’s a “just in case” fund to cover cost overruns by your FHA loan contractor. (If the contingency fund is not used, it is credited back to you). So, your “real” maximum repair job can cost around $31,000.

Most non-structural, non-luxury items are acceptable:

  • Kitchen and bathroom remodels
  • Appliance replacement
  • Carpet and flooring
  • Roof replacement
  • Painting
  • Repairing safety and health issues
  • Energy-efficient improvements
  • And much more

In short, you can’t do anything structural (move load-bearing walls, add rooms) or change the footprint of the home.

So why choose the Limited 203k option? Because more lenders offer it than the full 203k. And, it’s a much simpler process than the standard option.

203k standard

With this option, you can do just about anything you want to the home, except non-permanent changes or adding luxury amenities.

Structural alterations

  • Convert a one-family home into a 2-, 3-, or 4-unit home, or vice versa
  • Connect to public sewer or water
  • Some larger landscaping projects
  • Improve accessibility for disabled persons
  • Move the house to a different site

If you are interested in FHA 203k loan remodeling, call us today to speak to someone at our FHA 203k remodeling firm. An FHA 203k loan contractor will speak with you about your best options and answer any lingering questions you may have.

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